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  • What should be paid attention to in the running in period of new excavator

    What should be paid attention to... 【bte365网站】

    The new excavator or the overhauled excavator must pass through a period of trial operation, usually called the walking time. The aim of the walking is to prevent the early we...
  • Taian jia and heavy line 2018 warm winter activity

    Taian jia and heavy line 2018 wa... 【bte365网站】

    The afternoon of December 30th, on the eve of Spring Festival, Jiahe engineering leadership is divided into five groups with sympathy, Party's concern with a new year's blessi...
  • Why are the excavators smoking these three kinds of smoke, The reason is here

    Why are the excavators smoking t... 【bte365网站】

    White smoke, smoke, smoke is a common fault of excavator. The following is a simple investigation of specific reasons of three kinds of color. White smoke 1, white smoke most ...
  • machinery industry: excavator sales is expected to continue strong, the core com

    machinery industry: excavator sa... 【bte365网站】

    Based on the depth of grassroots research, is expected to November excavator sales are expected to double the growth rate in December is expected to close to 100%. According t...
  • excavators, sales in November increased by 107%, and the annual sales volume is

    excavators, sales in November in... 【bte365网站】

    In November, the sales of excavators were 13 thousand and 800 (+107%), and the single month sales reached second high in November. According to the statistics of China Enginee...
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