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  • What  have to do when the boom didn’t work

    What have to do when the boom d... 【bte365网站】

    1,The main valve in digging machine blocked or not fullyopen the main valve 2,the vent in the cylinder leads to the no action of the excavator's big arm 3.The valve has broken...
  • Why does the excavator engine need to change the oil on time?

    Why does the excavator engine ne... 【bte365网站】

    1, the oil is in a shelf life, when thetime is long, the performance will be reduced and the wear acceleration of themechanical wear parts is accelerated. 2, the engine oil ru...
  • Reasons for oil leaking in hydraulic cylinder of excavator and matters of attent

    Reasons for oil leaking in hydra... 【bte365网站】

    In general, the leakage of hydrauliccylinder is divided into two kinds of leakage and leakage. As long as we lookcarefully, we can judge the cause of the leakage. It is diffic...
  • Discussion on the maintenance and maintenance technology of hydraulic system of

    Discussion on the maintenance an... 【bte365网站】

    Thereare various kinds of construction machinery on the construction site. Hydraulicexcavators are one of the most important equipment of these building machines.Hydraulic sys...
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